A little journey Part 3

Posted: Februar 21, 2016 by dorie


Originally I wanted to write about comfy home looks, but than I decided to show you a bit more of my model photos. I make up the other one the next time.

This pictures were produced in one shooting. Can you belive it? I think there is a huge difference. The model on the right side is Lena Hermann. When she opened the door to the studio for me, we looked at each other and just laughed. I thought I looked in a mirror. This was some years ago. Now we are grown up and look more different. But in this moment… all the others of the team were also very amazed „You look like sisters!“

The shooting was very fun and I still love the pictures. Especially the one with the lips. I hope you like them too.

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Hair & Make-up: Carola Hickl
Photos: Studio M21

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