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Posted: November 25, 2015 by dorie

I got a new Outfit for you 🙂
Usually I try to create something cool and sexy and young.  But today I had a really busy Day.  And I have troubles getting busy and concentrated and so on, when I am in my sweaters or leggings. My Outfit has impact on my mood and attitude (yes, this sounds silly, but it is, how it is. I think everbody has his own tricks to stay motivated and disciplined). So I tried something new: a business look!


I must admit: I don’t have Blouses or something. It’s just Not my style.  So I grabbed my boyfriends White dressshirt. It got too small for him, and I don’t know why,  but I kept it. It’s a Bit big around my shoulders but you can’t see this with a jacket. And I like this straight,  cool, androgyn touch.  The jacket is from Adidas neo.  I turned the sleeves up and over the sleeves of the jacket.  Sounds strange, but you can see what I mean. I picked a tight darkblue trouser and very nice grey Pumps (but I must admit,  I just wore them for the pic – too freaking cold outside! And what do you think about Pumps on a normal Day? I would love it,  but I always feel overdressed. 🙁 ). With my hair straight and small „diamants“ in my ears I felt perfect dressed for the Day. And I accomplished everything I needed to. Just for a workout was no time 🙁

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