Lockdown Self-Care Guide

Lockdown Self-Care Guide | Hunkemöller x The Dorie

Posted: November 17, 2020 by Dorie

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The winter comes and with it - not surprisingly - the second wave. And the second Lockdown in Europe.. Depending on the country and the perosn it may be difficult to handle. In contrast to spring, it is not so easy now to calm down with the prospect of soon warmer temperatures. The long winter is just about to begin. Therefore I have prepared a Lockdown Self-Care Guide so that you come through this second phase together with me as unscathed as possible.  

Lockdown Self-Care Guide

Reflection, Journaling, Growth  

When everything stands still, the time has come to develop. Never again will you be forced so much to come to terms with yourself. The first lockdown was an up and down of emotions and a huge development process for me. I can definitely say that I was not the same person after the lockdown as I was before. I took time for myself to heal old wounds and to handle my problems like a lack of self-love. auseinander zu setzenIt was not pretty, but it was important.  

Especially the journalinghas helped me a lot and it is actually a habit that I have kept after the lockdown. It helps to reflect, sort and - not to be underestimated - when you scroll to the beginning, you become aware of your own progress.  

But also I want to spend more time in meditation andemotional) stressigen Zeiten den Blick fürs Wesentliche zu behalten.  

Feeling sexy at home 

I used to wear the wildest clothes as soon as I got home and quite often I did not even feel comfortable in them. When I became aware of how much this can unconsciously affect my mood, I banned everything I didn't like. Just like Marie Kondo said: "If it doesn't spark joy, you have to let it go." 

Due to the lockdown you have the time for sorting outbut also to add one or the other nice new part to the cabinet. Owing to the circumstances, then also something comfortable - e.g. this cute combo from HunkemöllerOr maybe better some dessous?No matter whether you have a partner or not: If you feel comfortable in your outfit, you start the day in a completely different way.

Ensure your well-being 

Well-being is not only important for the outfit. Also when it comes to personal hygiene. Even if you give your skin a break from too much cosmetics: Don't forget to take care of it anyway and follow your routine so far that you feel comfortable when you walk past the mirror and wink at yourself. Nothing makes you less energetic than a wrinkled face, framed in greasy hair, which yawns in the stained oversized sweater. How can one apply discipline to the home office? 

This also applies to the order in the apartment. Surprising visits are unlikely to happen now, but a tidy home also promotes a tidy head. It is the little habits that make the big difference at the end of the day. For example a made bed or a tidy desk.  

Fresh air and old hobbies 

Everybody says it and there is a reason: Fresh air helps your well-being. In the gray season I don't really get outside often, but I have learned to really appreciate my long walks. Even in cloudy weather it is great to clear your head when you just go hiking and explore your neighborhood. Or just take the time to talk to your friends on the phone or listen to your favorite music.  

Even on gray days I grabbed my camera again and tried to capture the beauty of the world with it. So the walk was immediately no longer just an annoying duty, but a voyage of discovery. Alternatively, get the inliners from the basement or dust off the skateboard and off we went. 


The last point in the Lockdown Self-Care Guide is gratitude. For many it may be and/or will be a challenging time. But everybody got something to be greatful for. To practice gratitude actively and consciously brings you new perspectives, a certain ease in life and lets you get through difficult times better. This is about the small things.

There need not be any gratitude for the Porsche at the door. But for the fact that the basil has not yet died. For the nice conversation with the neighbor in the hallway. For the sunshine you could enjoy for 5 minutes with your lunch coffee. There is so much to be thankful for. Every morning I write down 3 things for which I am grateful. Because this is how it starts the day with a happy mind.  

I hope that my Lockdown Self-Care Guide will get you through the upcoming time and that you are healthy and happy. Make the best out of the situation, get the things you always put off and don't let yourself be accommodated.  

Lockdown Self-Care Guide

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  • Vanessa December 5, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Dorie!
    Ein schöner Guide mit tollen Fotos! Ich selbst nehme mir zur Selfcare Zeit zum Sport machen, schreiben, lesen, Yoga und meditieren. Vor allem frische Luft ist wirklich ein Gamechanger. Früher war ich der absolute Stubenhocker, aber mittlerweile bin ich einfach nur happy, wenn ich draußen war. Am besten bei 6° und Sonne joggen gehen, dann schön heiß duschen und einkuscheln – hach, das ist so wunderbar! Noch ein Kaffee dazu und nix kann den Tag noch vermiesen :))
    Bleib gesund und liebe Grüße!

  • Sandy November 23, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Ein sehr schöner Beitrag mit tollen Tipps! Das Outfit von Hunkemöller ist echt hübsch, finde es auch wichtig, sich zuhause mal „schick“ zu machen. Toller Blog übrigens!


  • Nicole Kirchdorfer November 18, 2020 at 8:20 pm

    Liebe Dorie,
    ach wie schön, mal wieder was von Dir zu hören/lesen! Und dann noch so gute Tipps mit so zauberhaften Bildern!
    Also mal abgesehen von schönen Klamotten daheim zum Home Office, bin ich ganz gut aufgestellt was Deine Tipps betrifft. Mich täglich anzuziehen habe ich versucht, bin aber der Jogginghose erlegen.
    Aber ich kümmere mich gut um mich und gehe täglich fast eine Stunde lüften.
    Die Wohnung ist tiptop, Kerzen brennen täglich und meine zusätzlich gewonnene Zeit nutze ich zum Lesen.
    Echt schön Dich zu sehen. Du siehts sehr toll aus!
    Bleib gesund,

  • Tom November 18, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    Sehr schöne Bilder und die ganze Situation super nachempfunden! Wiedermal toll, weiter so.

  • Zungenspitzengefühl November 18, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    Super schöner Beitrag und sehr schöne Bilder. Besonders gut gefällt mir das vorm Spiegel 🙂 ich wünsch dir ganz viel kleine und große Dinge, die dir die nächsten Wochen Freude machen! Lg Luisa

  • Birgit November 17, 2020 at 10:16 pm

    In dieser Zeit ist das ein sehr anregendes Thema, das du da aufgegriffen hast. Besonders berührt hat mich das Kapitel Dankbarkeit. Die kleinen Dinge wieder sehen und schätzen lernen und dankbar sein, dass es sie gibt. Wie die Sonnenstrahlen, die du beschrieben hast, die manchmal unerwartet auftauchen und die Stimmung aufhellen.
    Wunderbar dies alles zu lesen.
    LG Birgit


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