For a long time, I refused to wear a look everybody is wearing right now. Because I really tried to not be mainstream. I stopped trying. But there are a few things, which you can’t avoid. An easy basic look for example. 

And for me, this look is a white top (blouse, T-Shirt, whatever) and a blue jeans and some simple, white sneaker. Unfortunately, almost every third girl is dressed like this nowadays. But can you blame them? Or me? It is so easy and casual and it works summer as winter. As you can see in the pictures, you can simply roll up the sleeves and pant legs and e voila you are good to go. And now it’s fall, and the nights are getting cooler. Then you can roll down the sleeves and you are still good to go. You also may add a cardigan to make it extra warm and comfy.

Weiße Bluse blaue Jeans H&M thedorie

My yellow, amazing bag

Because this style is so extra basic, you can wear some flashy accessories. This way you can show off your new pieces and the same time you give this look something special. Or elegant, depends on the pieces you are combining it with. For my vacation in Africa I bought this lemon bag. It is so fresh and happy and I love it. You may have noticed, that I like flashy bags, but this is my flashiest one. The quality is just okay, but you can’t expect much for around 17€ ? During my vacation a lot of people asked me where I got the bag from and how much they like it. True or not, I was flattered.

What is your everyday look? Let me know in the comments!

Love ♥ Dorie

Big thanks to Valentin Blüml for the amazing pictures.

Outfit Details

Blouse (alt): H&M, similar from ONLY*
Jeans: H&M, similar hier
Schoes: Even&Odd
Lemon Bag: Even&Odd (not for sale anymore ☹), almost the same at Amazon*


White Blouse lemon handbag

White Blouse blue Jeans H&M lemon handbag The Dorie walks

Blue Jeans H&M lemon Handbag and white even&odd Shoes The Dorie

White Blouse and citrus handbag the Dorie looks down

White Blouse H&M bölue jeans H&M white Shoes even&odd and citrus handbag the dorie looks in it

The Dorie is dancing dressed in a white blouse from H&M, a blue H&M jeans and a citrus handbag from even&Odd and white Sneakers from even&Odd

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