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I’ve been to Bangkok 4 years ago. 4 and a half. And there is one thing I learned about this city. Either you love it or you hate it. And because of a lack of time, I will just write in English this time. Oops. Still bad time management. 

This time I will just talk about this city, the feeling of this city. The next time I will write you some guide. But because I’ve been there 4 years ago, my information for the guide may be to old. We are living in a very fast world. Sometimes to fast. And that’s because I write to all of you travel blogger:

If you have been to Bangkok within the last year, write me and I will link to your blog post. You can also give me a short article about your tips, if there is no post yet and I will link to your blog. It doesn’t matter if it’s in English or German ? Just write under

But back to Bangkok.

For me personally, I loved this city. It was huge, dirty and chaotic. But it also fascinated me a lot. Maybe it was because it was my first stop on my first Asian travel experience. Or maybe I have a thing for big, messy cities. I think it may be both of it.

When thinking of Bangkok, there is always one scene I will never forget. It was on my first evening. And we were walking pass a park with a huge picture of the king and the queen. Then there was a bridge. On the bottom of this bridge there sit a mother with her two very young children. They were dirty and the younger one was coughing a lot and bad. It was such a bad cough, that I am pretty sure it was a bad disease and maybe the little child isn’t alive anymore.

I think, this maybe the reason why some people hate this city. You are there and you have money, otherwise you won’t be there. And then there are big, beautiful, golden pictures from the people who reign the country and right next to it a poor homeless mother with dying children. You can’t be there without feeling bad and sorry. And still you can’t do a lot. To love Bangkok, you have to stay in the upper levels of the buildings and driving taxi all the time. Or you just face the fact, that there is poorness right next to richness and that you can’t do a thing.

Bangkok Streets at night

Kings Picture Bangkok

If you see this fact for the city, it is the fascinating thing about the city. You have huge buildings and malls with just designer shops. And you have poor streets with a lot of brothels, where you don’t want to know what’s behind. You can go to the huge weekend market and see people trying to make a living and then you drive up the Bayoke 2 Tower and enjoy the view over Thailands biggest city.

Bangkok at night

What are your feelings about this city? Have you been there?

Und nochmals: Lasst mir eure Erfahrungen zukommen. Schreibt einfach auf ?

Fresh coconut Bangkok

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